Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Handbag Essentials

I love a good nose at what's in my bag style posts and I thought you might like to see the essential items I couldn't be without! 

My handbag is from Cath Kidston, it's cloth material with leather accents. It's the perfect day time size. I have a habit of lugging everything but the kitchen sink with me and this has lead to a very sore back in the past so I thought carrying around a smaller sized bag may encourage me to carry only the essentials (I did still try to squeeze my filo fax in the other day though! oops!).

I got my bag from the factory outlet shop for the bargain price of £25.00 reduced from £56.00 so I'm sorry but I don't have a link! There are similar ones here.

On to My Essentials:

Iphone: I couldn't be without my phone, I have the 5s model an I have a pretty bird case on it at the moment as I'm ridiculously clumsy and I've already dropped it about three times! (Case is from Tesco)

Koala Purse: I saw this little guy in Primark and for £3.00 I couldn't resist. He is the prefect place to hold my pennies for me. 

Leather Purse: I like to have a big purse as I carry a lot of loyalty cards around with me, I loved the vintage style of this purse, I picked it up from my local Age UK charity shop for a bargain for £4.99

Ipod Shuffle: Getting on the fitness wagon has been a big thing for me and I like to carry my shuffle around with me. It's the perfect size for on the go and I can easily move this around between my day bag and my gym bag. Available from Apple

Rescue Remedy Pastilles & 4head: The 4head is an absolute essential for when a pesky headache strikes. I much prefer this to taking tablets (just have to remember not to get it near my eyes!) I also have a tin of rescue remedy pastilles as they are great for when those moments of panic creep up. 

Hello Mouth Spray: A good idea if I've had a 'fragrant' lunch ha! Tastes nice and the packaging is really cute. I got mine from Boots.


  1. I adore your case so much! What a lovely blog x | fashion, beauty, and everything under the sun x

  2. thank you! I thought the bird design was really pretty :) x

  3. Cute bag and I love that phone case

    Jennifer Jayne xx

    1. thank you very much! I love the print :) x


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