Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer Glow in a Bottle

I love my YSL touche ├ęclat foundation but I find it too heavy when the weather gets hot and humid. I had some boots points burning a hole in my pocket and found myself as if by magic at the Chanel counter and their Vitalumiere Aqua foundation was calling to me!

Perfect for summer containing SPF15, it is an almost water like consistency and this took me by surprise the first time I applied it (I managed to avoid a foundation meets carpet disaster!). To apply you need to give the bottle a good shake to mix the product and I then like to apply on the back on my hand, apply with my fingers and blend in with my real techniques expert face brush as I find this helps to give a really nice finish.

A little of this foundation goes a long way so I haven't used as much as I thought, although if I want a fuller coverage look for the evening I do find I use quite a bit more as it takes a few layers and a lot of blending to get a medium coverage finish.

My skin can be a bit funny with how it reacts to foundations and I am pleased to report that I haven't experienced any breakouts following the use of this foundation, I think this is mainly due to the fact it is such a water like consistency and doesn't feel thick and heavy.

The finish is lovely, my skin looks healthy and glowy - almost as if I've been on holiday, and I've had a few compliments from friends when wearing this foundation.

The only thing that lets it down slightly is the price, I paid for mine in my boots points but I think when I run out my purse is going to hate me as I don't think I can be without this foundation in the summertime. It's priced at £33.00 and can be bought from boots here.

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